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Discover how to Care and protect your skin - Voyamee

Care and protect your skin


4 nights/5 days
01/04/2020 – 30/11/2020

    I consent Voyamee to the sending of informative and commercial material as well as to the processing of my data in compliance with our Privacy Policy

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    The beneficial effects of sulphurous mineral waters have been attributed to the presence of sulphur mainly in the form of hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), an active molecule in sulphurous mineral waters, is being studied for all its therapeutic applications.
    Being a gas, H2S can be absorbed by several pathways. It is able to penetrate the skin and mucous membranes and can therefore act at the cellular level both in the skin and in the internal organs of our organism. Sulfur baths are successfully used for immune-mediated conditions such as contact dermatitis, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, and it has recently been suggested that the active ingredients of sulphurous mineral waters could play a role in the immune regulation of the skin.

    Details Plan

    • 2 x Medical Consultation
    • 1 x Blood Test (Optional*)
    • 5 x Thermal Water Circuit. Steam bath. It is kept at 45º C, with 100% humidity so that it has a powerful relaxing, vasodilator effect and it is highly recommended for respiratory diseases. Mineral-medicinal water pool sessions, Circular shower, Inhaler and Nebulizer water spray, Vichy shower.
    • 5 x Hydromassage Tub. The Tub sequentially pulsates the flow of mineral-medicinal thermal water through its jets to massage and loosen tight muscles; this consequently produces a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
    • 5 x Marble Bath. The hot and cold mineral-medicinal thermal water contrast bath therapy improves the circulation, cleans the tissues and reduces swelling. It also activates and stimulates the nervous system.
    • 2 x Vichy Shower with Mineral-Medicinal Water for a Hydrating Massage or Aesthetic Peeling. According to medical prescription. Exfoliation under the Vichy shower with Mineral-Medicinal water that eliminate the impurities to make the skin smooth and clean.
    • 2 x Hydrating Wrap. The algae firms up, remineralizes, stimulates and nourishes. When it is combined with a deep tissue massage it tones and moisturizes the skin.
    • 1 x Relaxing Hydrating Massage
    • 1 x Personalized Facial. After a skin diagnosis, the professional will decide on the right techniques and products to use for the ideal treatment that satisfies all your skin’s needs.
    • 1 x Alpine Rose Treatment. The body peeling and wrap with Rhododendron and Swiss pine oil revitalizes cells, favours skin regeneration and improves the skin’s natural defences.
    • 1 x Facial Flash Vitamins. Treatment that has a revitalizing effect thanks to the excellent dermo-functional substances; a powerful energy multivitamin complex and moisturizing active ingredients that tone, nourish and tighten the skin. It is ideal to enhance your complexion, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.
    • 4 x Nutritional therapy (it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy menu). *Blood test is not included.


    The 5 star Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel is the result of a complete renovation of a dated building 19th century, built by the King Ferdinand VII, integra elements of luxury and quality in spaces full of history. It has a total of 43 rooms of which 6 are suites, decorated with a style Elegant.

    The Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel is characterized by its elegance, it mixes the neoclassicism of the building with large antiques, works of art and the best quality in terms of comfort and well-being. This relaxing environment, which is complemented with the mineral-medicinal properties of the waters, it is the ideal for a complete renovation of Our organism.

    Villa Padierna Thermas is located in a natural paradise: The Guadalhorce Valley in the province of Malaga at 30 minutes from the airport, the Antequera AVE and 45 minutes from the Malaga AVE. In a small town called Carratraca surrounded by mountains and nature, the Carratraca thermas are the place Perfect for body and mind regeneration.

    Terms and details

    VALIDITY: The offer is valid from Apr 01/2020 to Nov 30/2020 for a limited number of rooms and as long as availability lasts. Can only be used in the selected period.

    To book the package, evaluate other dates or customize it according to your needs, we ask you to send a request by email to or click on the button “Request quote” to inform you about prices and availability.
    Price valid for 1 person in a double room. Requires a minimum of two participants to be booked.

    Alternatively, you can buy only one package, paying the surcharge for accommodation in a single room, to be requested at

    MEALS: For all specifications please refer to “include” or “exclude”.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Check in from 14 Check out by 11 a.m.
    Voyamee reserves the right to change the prices and contents of the programs.
    Program prices include taxes.

    This package does not include any insurance policy for medical expenses or cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you do not have your own personal insurance to cover risks during your travels, we recommend that you take out ours. You can add it at the time of booking to the email indicated under “validity” above, and we will send you the estimates along with the conditions of coverage of the policies the amounts vary depending on the location where you travel and the amount of your trip.
    For all information on country access documents (passports), please consult the website of the consulate or embassy of the country of destination. We do everything possible to provide you with detailed and accurate information about the services of the hotels, however, the facilities may change design and activities without notice (especially during the low season).

    Travel package sold by International Wellness Travel
    We invite you to always read our Terms and Conditions before booking a trip.


    • 4 nights stay in a standard double/twin room
    • All services described in the “Details” section
    • Full board
    • Agency Fee


    • Transport to and from the starting point of the journey
    • Transport for travel during your stay
    • Taxi
    • Tips
    • Everything that is not listed under the voice “Include”
    • Tourist tax
    • Extra drinks


    For maximum results of this program is recommended to perform: Blood test

    Other dietary supplements​
    Some tips from Voyamee

    Vitality and naturopathy

    The best medicine is prevention. A prevention made with small daily actions and thanks to professional support figures. Mirella Giannuzzi, NutriBioCoach®, will talk about!


    Ok fitness! But ladies only!!

    Because we women are different and we often take it for granted in the fitness industry.
    – Why the choice to train only women
    – The Mission of Lady Wellbeing to every woman
    – Why Lady Wellbeing is different from other fitness realities


    Nutritional Renaissance

    NR is respect for body physiology; metabolic support in case of disease; organizational support for your everyday life and is also emotional balance.


    Style training

    For this new rebirth, get in shape and put on the bow! you’ll have the tools to start losing those 2-3 kg and discover what the dress code is.